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16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fire Flies

OF COURSE I couldn't capture the flickering of the fire flies in this picture,but I promise they were there. It was magical watching them at the conclusion of a long, full day. What do they have to do with the purpose of this trip? I've been thinking about that, trying to make a connection. Besides the fact that seeing fire flies has been on my bucket list for some time, maybe they are a symbol, a reminder if you will, that little things can cast a light that gives people hope and pleasure. Many of the people we have met and learned about are not widely-known, but the small steps they took toward freedom cast a light for the future.
This is my favorite painting at the Civil Rights Memorial Center. The center is also home of Maya Lin's memorial to Civil Rights "fire flies" (my phrase). She is the artist who created the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. This memorial has a similar feel, but uses water as well. The water is intended to add a soothing comfort to the sadness we often feel when we reflect on the sacrifices made by some in order to ensure others a better future.

Me, our gracious and gregarious propietor, and Terri just after lunch at Dreamland in Montgomery. Barbeque chicken, beans, mashed potatoes, and sweet (really sweet) tea. While in Montgomery, we visted the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. It is located on the corner of the street where she was arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus. Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, the home church of Martin Luther King, Jr., sits, ironically, just across the street from the state capitol building.

My school site team. Me, Doris, Eileen, and Aaron. We're working on a lesson based on content learned and experiences we have had on this trip. Ours is entitled, "One City's Response to Federal Desegregation Laws".

Tuskegee Airbase. African American men and women trained to be pilots, ground crew, and mechanic support personnel during WWII. It took the efforts of many people, including Eleanor Roosevelt, to allow the pilots to actually see combat duty because of discrimination. It is said that Eleanor visited the airbase and wished to go for a flight with a pilot. Officers tried to discourage this recklessness and thought about calling her husband (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to have him dissuade her. The idea was abandoned because (paraphrase quote) "She doesn't listen to him either".


  1. Loving your posts! I'm so glad you are enjoying your time. I may need to do a blog for London. :)

  2. Please do. I will follow it faithfully. Visiting London is on my bucket list. If that never happens for me, at least I will have lived vicariously through your experience.

  3. Your Alabama "education" is exciting. This brings history home and takes it out of textbooks and turns it into a real, living here-and-now American experience. Keep on sharing!!