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16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Houston to Birmingham

When life gives you lemons... Okay, so we didn't make lemonade, but we DID make waffles in the shape of Texas. This group of teachers really knows how to see the bright side of a situation that follows a different path than expected. The bottom line is that we eventually did make it to Birmingham. It was, however, twenty-four hours later than planned.

Grateful for a chance to change clothes and brush our teeth, we checked into our hotel and were shuttled to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Orientation included meeting our hosts, Ahmad and James, touring the center's impressive exhibits, and an introductory film entitled, "Who Speaks for Birmingham". This documentary was filmed by CBS in 1961 and included a variety of perspectives on events and the social climate in Alabama at the time. A discussion followed. For as tired as we were, our conversations were focused and thoughtful. I agreed with Shawn's comment about these teachers willingly participating in courageous conversations. These kinds of conversations will lead to a deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement from many perspectives. Looking forward to tomorrow's agenda.


  1. Glad you finally MADE it! Can't wait to hear more about what you're learning.