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Monday, June 7, 2010

What It Is

My school district in partnership with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the National Archives and Records Administration, the Constitutional Rights Foundation, and Out of the Box Consultant Services has been presenting a living history series in which the focus is The American Citizen: A Study of Liberty and Rights. Beginning in October of 2009, participating teachers attended several weekend workshop sessions conducted by the above organizations and the California Museum of History, Women, and the Arts. We worked to increase our content knowledge related to liberty and rights and to note best practices for disseminating that knowledge in the classroom setting. Several additional elements of this series took place on an ongoing basis. Bi-weekly classroom strategies surveys, colloquium evaluations, classroom observations, student pre-post tests, and teacher pre-post tests kept us accountable and engaged. Once in Alabama, our school site teams will develop lesson plans for classroom and district use. Tomorrow we depart for the summer institute portion of the series. I hope to provide useful content and experiential information in this blog. If you have questions or comments as you follow my trip, let me know, and I will make every effort to address them.

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